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About Us

I am a Pain Removing, Health Improving, Back Repairing, Always Caring, Muscle Kneading, Stress Relieving, Miracle Working Massage Therapist

Kari Frank

Kari is a graduate of 2001 Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy’s Basic and Advanced Training.  In addition to her degree she is a former instructor at Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy having taught Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Chair Massage and Pregnancy Massage.  She has additional training in Geriatric Massage, Spa Stone Massage, Cupping, and Myofascial Massage.  Kari is a member of the ABMP.


Kari specializes in sports and orthopedic as well as pregnancy massage and aromatherapy.  Kari is passionate about helping clients achieve maximum pain relief, speeding recovery from repetitive strain injuries, and increasing the performance of athletes.

As a 20+ year massage veteran who LOVES her work, she believes that if you love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life. Given the extensive training in sports and orthopedic work, Kari has had the privilege to work with many pro athletes and Olympians looking to increase their performance or heal from an injury. Kari strongly feels that all people deserve exceptional massages that help them find maximum relief and healing, or ultimate relaxation.  She has a thorough working knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology and she truly enjoys helping people. 

            Carlos Rivas

Carlos is a licensed massage therapist and a certified personal trainer. Carlos is a graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. He specializes in trigger point deep tissue therapy while having the gentle touch to deliver a relaxing and soothing Swedish massage. He has extensive training in sports, orthopedic, active isolated stretching, and neuromuscular massage. He also provides prenatal, hot stone, heated bamboo massage, cupping, and aromatherapy massage. He is currently learning craniosacral therapy and manual lymphatic massage.

Carlos’ health and wellness journey began 2014 when he was first introduced to aromatherapy. Having overcome many health and wellness obstacles, Carlos is passionate about facilitating a massage that helps his clients achieve their sports, pain management, and relaxation goals. Call or text 954-662-2029 to book an appointment.

              Kim Hanley

Kimberly Hanley, LMT, has cultivated an orthopedic approach to massage therapy since 1997 when she graduated from the advanced program at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in Penn Hills, PA. Kim has a deep understanding of the body and is skilled at finding problematic pain triggers and releasing them. She has thorough training in many techniques such as Craniosacral, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial, as well as a strong passion for helping clients feel better. She skillfully employs restorative techniques to relieve pain and bolster health, and is committed to holistically helping people achieve life success and personal balance through massage, yoga, nutrition, and fitness.

Kayla Checketts

Kayla is a graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy who has been practicing the art of deep tissue work for well over 17 years. Her natural gifts in massage leave clients feeling refreshed, healthier and rejuvenated. her special skills are in myofascial and trigger point and she can find the right pressure and therapy for any client. Kayla is trained in Swedish, Trigger Point, Myofascial, Prenatal, Stone, Bamboo sticks, Cupping and Sports. She works with local athletes both amateur ad professional. 

            David Kotler


David Kotler is a graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy with training in many modalities including Swedish, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release and Sports Massage. David has taken extensive training in orthopedic massage and has found  calling in helping people to recover from injury and repetitive use injuries.


A very diverse background; David has been a musician in the U.S. Army, an international trade specialist with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the operations manager for the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh. He has a Master's degree in Public and International Affairs.  After searching for a career that combines his talents with who he is as a person, David arrived at massage as a way to connect with people while helping them, and he considers it to be one of the best decisions of his life." 

            Marisa Taormina


Marisa is a board certified licensed massage therapist and a 2019 graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue and neuromuscular/trigger point therapy. She continues to expand her specialties and working knowledge of bodywork through continuing education. Marisa thoroughly believes and has seen the short and long term benefits of massage therapy in many clients as well as in herself. From specific targeted work to overall relaxation therapy, Marisa strongly believes in each client getting to take the time for themselves and their health through massage and the real benefits, relief, relaxation it brings. She has always had a heart to serve, work with people directly and make a lasting, significant and positive change around her through her work

Mandy Mitchell

Amanda (Mandy) Mitchell is a graduate of Pittsburgh School of Massage
Therapy in 2019.  She is passionate about helping people, and is very
empathetic.  She specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Sports,
Orthopedic, Myofasical, Deep Tissue, and Swedish.  She will listen
attentively to tailor the session to address the client's desires.
She is a sports fanatic, travel enthusiast, and she needs live music
like most people need oxygen!

        Lacie Foster

Lacie is a graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. Her specialties include Deep tissue work, Swedish, Sports and Orthopedic as well as neuromuscular therapy. 

As our most recent addition to Steel City, Lacie has added a great energy to the staff. He positive attitude and wonderful skills have been well received by everyone. She loves to offer her clients all of the pain relieving and stress reducing therapies she's learned over the course of her career. 

Mindy Zinn

Michael Janacone

Michael has been a massage therapist for nearly 20 years. Known for his deep pressure, Michael had quite a huge client following when working with Kari at the airport.  While his specialty is working deeply, he is also very knowledgeable in Swedish, Chair, and sports massage. He is currently training with Kari to enhance his orthopedic skills.  Michael has worked in various settings with massage, clinics, spas, and the airport. When he’s not massaging; he is a die-hard Pittsburgh Pirates fan and he’s famous for his after the game call-in radio shows. 

Mindy is a passionate and licensed massage therapist specializing in deep tissue and Swedish massage techniques. With a deep understanding of the body's mechanics and a genuine dedication to enhancing well-being, I've honed my skills to provide a personalized and rejuvenating experience for my clients.

My journey in the world of massage therapy began with a commitment to learning and growing in the field. Over the years, I've mastered the art of deep tissue and Swedish massage, tailoring each session to address individual needs and promote relaxation, pain relief, and overall vitality. My hands-on approach is focused on unlocking tension and promoting holistic healing.

In addition to her expertise in deep tissue and Swedish massage, she also well-versed in the benefits of reflexology, cupping, and Hot Stone Massage. These techniques allow to offer a diverse range of therapies, each designed to contribute to the restoration of physical and mental balance.

Mindy believes that her clients' comfort and well-being are my top priorities. By combining my technical skills with a compassionate and intuitive approach, She creates an environment where relaxation and healing can flourish. Whether you're seeking relief from muscle tension, stress, or simply want to indulge in a moment of self-care, she's here to guide you on your wellness journey.

She's excited to share her passion for massage therapy with you and help you achieve a state of ultimate relaxation and vitality

        Leigh Ann Cowger

Leigh Anne is a graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. Her interests include Swedish, Sports and Orthopedic as well as neuromuscular therapy. 

Before becoming a licensed massage therapist Leigh Anne used massage therapy as a modality as a certified and state licensed athletic trainer for the past 14 years, working with athletes ranging from youth leagues to the professional level. 

As an athlete herself Leigh Anne knows the physical, mental and emotional benefits a massage can provide. She looks to provide her clients with the maximum results whether it’s pre- or post event or even just to help relax. 

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