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Isn't It Time To Schedule Your Massage?


EXCELLENT!! It seems to me that Kari truly does this healing body-work as a vocation! I have had many massages in my life, and some therapists just go through the motions! Kari has a gift for instinctively knowing how to relieve stress and how to increase/decrease pressure to really relieve tension in my back and neck. I seem to walk straighter for several days after getting a massage from her!!

I am a bit overweight and Kari puts you at ease. Some days I talk and need a friendly ear—other days I just need to relax. Kari is a professional and makes the environment feel like a safe place to just connect with a kind of spiritual holiness about her. I would recommend her as a powerful part of in taking care of your health!  ~ Linda Aluise Haberman 


To get a massage from Kari is like getting a little piece of Heaven! Very professional and understanding especially if you are a prude like me! ~ Rosaleen Kearney Poloso


Kari is the best! She gives excellent massages. During a pregnancy massage, Kari was able to relieve intense sciatic nerve pain as well as back pain. I felt like a new person after my pregnancy massage with Kari. 

I've had a massage by Kari while I was not pregnant as well - I remember telling my husband afterwards, I'll never go to another massage therapist again!
She's awesome :)  ~ Kelly Sereda


Kari's massage is the perfect combination of knowledge and intuition. Caring, confident, professional, I highly recommend Kari as a massage therapist. ~ Stacey Jean


Kari's hands are a MIRACLE. She is methodical, careful, listens to what you say, and is so caring you'll never want her to stop. She's the best there is! ~ Amy Kirk


Kari is the Godmother of Massage Therapy! Can't be beat!!!!! ! ~ Amanda Bridge 

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