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With Sydnie Bryant, L.Ac.


Available Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays

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Sydnie Bryant is a gifted and engaging practitioner of acupuncture, bodywork, herbs and supplements. Sydnie earned her Master’s degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (MSOM) from the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Austin, TX. in 2001 and practiced acupuncture in the faculty clinic while also serving as the Vice-President of Business Operations for AOMA School of Integrative Medicine.

Sydnie moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2007.  In Pittsburgh she was to co-creator and owner of Wholistic Acupuncture and Way Wellness Clinic in Fox Chapel and Squirrel Hill. She moved to Florida for a few years and is now very happy to return to Pittsburgh.


Sydnie's range of expertise spans everyday pain and stress in the body to major life challenges. Everything from neck pain, migraines, emotional distress, fertility and hormone challenges, COVID concerns, digestive distress and serious health diagnosis. Treatments include front and back acupuncture, herb and supplement recommendations and lifestyle hints for wellness.  

Sydnie authored Beginning Meditation After Trauma available on Amazon.

What clients have to say about Dr. Bryant


Sydnie is a gentle, perceptive professional healer who’s masterful in all she does. I was reluctant to try acupuncture having a great fear of needles; Syd eased my anxieties and consistently provided excellent care. I have the highest personal and professional regard for her. 10+++++++++She’s off the charts!  Karen E.


Sydnie's been my acupuncturist for more than 10 years and has always been 'right on the mark' with acupuncture, herbal and dietary recommendations for me.  She taps into healing on multiple levels.  I have utmost confidence in Sydnie and trust her with my health.  -Jamie P.


I originally went to see her for some skin issues.  She was attentive, thorough and so confident in her insight and direction.  She has helped me with countless issues from pregnancy to hormones to pain and personal growth.  I could not recommend her enough. -Nicole T.


Miss Sydnie is literally a life-saver. Born without arms and legs, I had reached a point where I was in so much pain that I was no longer able to walk (or waddle). She was more than willing to take on the challenge, knowing she would have to improvise to get results… and results she got. Acupuncture by Miss Sydnie has been important to keeping my body (what there is of it) moving. I’m so grateful to her for her patience and expertise in the field.

Sydnie has done some amazing things for me over the nearly ten years I've known her. Nothing was more impressive and life changing than moving from a life dependent on pharmaceuticals to a strengthened immune system and a major improvement in my quality of life. Sydnie is incredible at helping others and I can't urge you enough to make her part of your life.  -Jon

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